Thursday, January 1, 2009

Mummers 2009

I think I may have done permanent damage to my extremities and nervous system by standing out in the freezing cold for four hours watching Mummers strut up Broad Street. I only caught parts of the Comics, the Fancies, and the first few string bands. There was a huge gap in the entertainment before the string bands, and this is when my toes stopped being numb and started hurting in a strange way. I was determined to see some string bands, though, so I stayed strong. I made it through three before I decided the people who came to stand in front of the barricade and in front of my Nikon lens would ruin all my photos. The train station was cold and the train was cold, and of course my car was cold, but my house is warm. I have spent lots of times on the photos I took--it's practically a no-brainer to get colorful unique shots at the Mummers Parade.
In spite of the cold, I had a ball. I stood on the same corner where I used to stand over twenty (!!!) years ago when I lived in Philadelphia and came out to see the string bands. Lucky for me I lived at Broad & Locust, and that is one of the "performance" spots. I even scored two strings of Mummer (Mardi Gras) beads and shared one with Gladys the Sheltie Puppy tonight until I heard this odd crunching sound...
Here are some of my favorite shots:

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