Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dog Beach, A Guest Post by Gladys

This is what low tide looks like:

Low tide means there's more room to run around without getting our feet wet. This is Dog Beach, but Mom says it's known to humans as the Delaware Bay beach in North Cape May, NJ, USA. Dogs are allowed on this beach all year 'round which is very unsual. We always see lots of dogs and their owners here.Some dogs like to play in the water, but I don't! I'll maybe get my feet wet like Mom does, but that is all. I prefer the sand.

Our walk is about two miles: from home we walk on a sidewalk for four blocks, then along Dog Beach up to the canal, and back home. Last year, when I was a pup, I walked behind Mom. Now that I'm grown, I walk ahead to show her where to go. There are big rocks by the canal called the getty. People and their dogs gather here to watch the ferries go in and out and to watch the sunset. This me on the rocks:
The Cape May-Lewes Ferry parks near here, and tonight it went right past us. It's huge! People on the ferry wave at me as they go by. People here seem to really like Shelties. This is me watching the ferry pull into its dock:
Dogs are allowed on the ferry as long as they don't go inside where the food is. Mom says we have a trip planned soon: we'll go on the ferry to Delaware, USA, where we'll stay at a hotel that welcomes dogs! While we're in Delaware, we'll go to Cape Henlopen Park and play in the dog run at the hotel. There is a dog boutique in Lewes, Delaware, USA, that Mom says we'll visit if I manage to keep the hotel room clean. Please tell Mom that you want me to guest blog again about our vacation!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

West Cape May Strawberry Festival

The West Cape May Strawberry Festival was our break from a week of hard labor surrounding the installation of new vinyl floors at the Cape May house. It was more than just moving stuff and moving it back: we (okay Fred) had to take up old linoleum, remove wood trim, and stain and attach new wood. I think we made four trips to Lowe's. I'll have to add those helpful people to my Christmas card list now.

Back to the Strawberry Festival: it's a nice mix of antique and craft booths, local businesses, and yummy food with high-caliber musical entertainment all in little Wilbraham Park. I was thrilled to see that Kid Davis and the Bullets were there again this year. they are a talented rockabilly band from Delaware. Each of the three players is a master of his instrument and a joy to watch. Even better, they seem to enjoy themselves on stage. Kid Davis, with copious tattoos and melon-colored Fender 6-string, is quite the frontman--rivaling even Brian Setzer, one of my all-time favorites. Last year they got my attention with Johnny Cash's "Big River", rockabilly style, and drew me in with a ton of other great covers and originals. This year there were new originals (mostly written by the Kid) and a rockabilly version of Pink Floyd's "Dark Side of the Moon". Yeah, you read that right! Near the end of the set was a rockin' version of "Viva Las Vegas" and this little gem of which I snuck a video snippet: