Monday, March 16, 2009

The Philadelphia Flower Show Part Two

By the time I got to the individual plant competition, my feet were screaming from the hard concrete convention center floor. But this part of the show is amazing: the perfect specimens; the blue, red and yellow ribbons; and the photo opps! It's like a fashion show for each kind of plant. I'm especially drawn to the bulb flowers since I grow them at home (in the ground, not in pots), but some of the other categories feature breathtaking specimens. I just love this lady's blurred face behind the African violet!

Orchids were very popular this year:

The Philadelphia Flower Show Part One

A couple of Fridays ago, we headed down to Philadelphia on the train to see the Philadelphia Flower Show. I always plan to go to this event, but something always happens to thwart my plans. This year it was a giant snowstorm on the day I had planned to go, but almost on the spur of the moment and without making my intentions known, I decided we'd go on Friday after work. Of course it was still crowded and you practically have to wait in line to see the displays, but the wait is worth it. The theme this year was Italy, and the displays were grouped by Italian geography. Displays featured a gondola, the lost civilization of Atlantis, Roman statues, and non-Italian topics such as the orchid (water)fall, multi-colored tree, and an Irish cottage. Check out some photos below: