Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve in Cape May

It sure feels cold enough for snow. Alas, all we have here by the beach is cold rain. While yesterday's shopping excursion was festive and bright, this evening's twilight photo shoot was a bit on the dreary side. Just the same, the rain lent some shininess to the photos and a cool effect in the wreath shot above.

Most of the people had cleared out of town by the time we arrived, or at least were warm and dry inside a cozy seashore home or inn. The Washington Street Mall was all but deserted even though some lights were lit.
Good Scents with Fralinger's Salt Water Taffy on the other side
Lynn Arden's Children's Shop

There are some festive windows to delight the passer-by...
At Jackson Mountain Cafe...
and the Cape May Fish Market...
 But most of the action tonight seemed to be centered around two popular hotels. Santas were climbing all over the outside of the Virginia Hotel on Jackson Street. The renowned restaurant inside, The Ebbitt Room, was hosting a special Christmas Eve dinner tonight.
The Virginia Hotel
Across from the ocean, Congress Hall glowed beautifully as it played host to some culinary events inside. The fabulous tree sparkled for all walking past.
Congress Hall
Here's what I came for, though: the Gazebo tree at twilight! I shot a bunch, but this is my favorite. This is the site of countless band, barbershop quartet and even accordion orchestra concerts in summer. In winter, the Gazebo is home to the city's official tree. Isn't it gorgeous?

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