Thursday, July 19, 2012

Chicks and Pics Yesterday on the Skimmer Salt Marsh Safari

I know, I know, I have posted about this tour before. Each visit to the salt marsh is different, though, and yesterday's highlights included baby birds and some decent photos of the usual suspects. So, scroll through my favorite shots and if you go to Cape May County anytime before Novemberish, do pay Cap'n Ginny and Cap'n Ed a visit on the Skimmer Salt Marsh Safari! (Tell em' MargaretMontet sent ya.)
You don't see a Double-Crested Cormorant every day, so here's one displaying his wings.
This Great Black-Backed Gull wants you to notice his red "upchuck button" on his beak. The chicks push that button, and out pops pre-chewed baby gull food.
Look in that rusty frame and there's a Herring Gull chick. We were exploring the dock side of some of Cape May's seafood processing plants yesterday on the Skimmer for a different perspective.
His yellow feet indicate that this is a Snowy Egret (rather than a Great Egret who would have black feet).
Here's an Osprey nest with a mom (right) and her chicks.
This American Oystercatcher is looking for Razor Clams.
This is a Laughing Gull with her chick hiding behind her. This shot also shows the layers of the bog--each layer represents a year in the bog's life.
"Hey! You! Get off of my shoal!" A Snowy Egret visits a Great Black-Backed Gull.
This guy wants you to stay away from his boat. (But y'all come back soon!)


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