Monday, August 4, 2008

Bay Sunset

Last evening I saw the best sunset. Gladys the puppy and I went to our favorite spot on the Delaware Bay beach with a chair, a book, and water for both of us. We sat there for about two hours, me reading my book and Gladys frolicking in the sand and greeting any people who walked by.

As the sun sank into the choppy dark blue water, it gave off an orange-gold light. It made the beach look magical. I realized I hadn't seen enough sunsets. It was gorgeous. (of course I hadn't brought my camera, or even a notebook to write down my description. This picture is from last year at the cove in Cape May.) The kayakers and occasional seagulls flying by looked like they had been planted there by a postcard company. The little sandpipers did their dance by the edge of the water. Down the beach to the left, multiple generations of a family all wearing white were having photos taken for Grandma's birthday. We found this out from two little girls who came over to meet Gladys. They looked like aliens--fifteen of them all wearing white.

The tide was coming in making Gladys concerned about the water getting closer. The orangey light illuminated her sable and white fur, and together with the cool breeze ruffling her newly-shaggy coat, made her look so pretty. If Gladys ever needs glamour shots, we know exactly where to go!

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